Ergonomic Saddle Chair Pauner GAP with 2-part Seat Stool Suitable for Men and Women


The ergonomic saddle chair stool is the fastest way to achieve improved posture and back health in the office. The unique design features a narrow split-seat to reduce genital pressure and provide you with ultimate comfort. Ergonomically built, the saddle chair stool sways with your body’s natural movement. Its gentle sway flexibility lessens the strain and stress on your body that comes with using conventional office chairs. Its narrow frame is perfect for active workers, or for those in the dental, medical, veterinary, laboratory, education, or factory fields.


The Ergonomic Office

An ergonomic workstation is important in reducing the aging process and prolonging an active lifestyle. Scientific research indicates that many back and joint problems are caused by outdated and rigid office furniture. New studies show that the best way to remain physiologically healthy at the office is with a flexible and adjustable workstation. This gives you the freedom to move naturally within your work space. Adjusting yourself to fit into your office is a thing of the past. Now with the ergonomic saddle chair stool, the office adjusts to your own personal needs.

Product Benefits and Description

The ergonomic saddle chair with two part seat stool is adjustable to fit your proportions. Its special GAP design was engineered to relieve pressure in your back and around your genitals. Your back tilts when seated on the gap, making you sit naturally with proper posture. It also has a cooling effect that allows for better circulation, ventilation and improved nerve function. The GAP feature makes this product a superb option for men, but is also just as great for women.

This ergonomic chair is adjustable, which gives you complete control to set it up the way you need. Adjust the height to sit slightly higher than conventional office chairs. For added health benefits, pair with an ergonomic desk.

The two part seat stool is an active ergonomic chair, and works well with people who need to mulittask or move frequently. It is ideal for dentists, doctors, veterinarians, teachers, factory and laboratory workers, as well as many more. Available in black polyurethane leather.

saddle chair gap

Saddle chair GAP

saddle chair GAP seat

Saddle chair GAP seat