ReelStrap – Better than a normal retractable ID lanyard badge holder


Reelstrap is the best solution for holding work ID badges, keys and access control tags. With its an adjustable and retractable strap, you have complete control over the length of your personal items. This means keys or ID badges will remain attached to you at all times. To adjust, simply press the discreet button in the back and position. Conveniently store your ReelStrap by retracting the straps within the sleek center dial. Custom design the adjustable lanyard with a personal or company logo. When you place an order in 25 pcs box then the unit price for the ReelStrap only 13.48 USD/pc.

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ReelStrap retractable id lanyard badge holder is the perfect solution for working professionals who need an adjustable lanyard designed specifically for convenience and comfort. ReelStrap elegantly holds keys, lanyard ID holders, or access control tags while you work. With its locking system, you can adjust the lanyard to any length with just a push of a button. To store away, simply retract the whole lanyard into its sleek center dial and pop in your bag or pocket. Adjust the ReelStrap back into your desired length when needed again. ReelStrap can be worn around your neck or as a cross body.

ReelStrap lanyard badge holder benefits

Having the adjustable ReelStrap means more professionalism and less fussing. Traditional badge lanyards are not adjustable, and as a result have a tendency to disrupt work flow. We have all had that annoying lanyard badge holder that keeps swinging into view as we bend over, or lanyard key holders that persistently knock into our keyboard.  Adjusting the length of your ReelStrap allows you to keep your items at a convenient height. Simply adjust the ReelStrap by pressing a discrete button in the back.

The ReelStrap is stylish and guaranteed to make an impression at any conference or business function. The retractable ID lanyard strap is made of black satin, which gives it a professional look that is also durable. With your safety in mind, the ReelStrap lanyard has a breakaway feature in the back.

The center dial is customizable and can display any requested design or logo. With its handy rotatable attachment, you can easily turn and lock your lanyard ID holder around. The ReelStrap is also a no spin lanyard. This gives you the freedom to conduct business without having to worry about which side your lanyard badge holder is facing.

The ReelStrap is the ideal solution for tall or short people. Now, you can always look professional by adjusting your retractable ID lanyard holder to fit your unique proportions. The ReelStrap also improves security as it can remain attached to you at all times. This makes it perfect for nurses, airport officials and government officials who can access their control tags or ID badges by retracting the ReelStrap instead of removing it.

ReelStrap is the best lanyard badge holder

reelstrap id holder

retractable adjustable id badge holder ReelStrap

lanyard vs Reelstrap

Lanyard VS. ReelStrap

Reelstrap is better than a normal badge lanyard or a card reel

Reelstrap is better than conventional badge lanyards or badge reels

Reelstrap customized lanyard

Logo customized ReelStrap examples

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