Ergonomic Tall Drafting Chair by Pauner


Nordic design features a slender seat which provides comfort, support, and ease of access to your surroundings. Its base is adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your unique measurements. The narrow seat is ideal for professions who work in limited spaces, such as cashiers or toll booths.


The Pauner ergonomic drafting chair, or cashier chair, was engineered with your health in mind. Ergonomically designed, its featured narrow seat provides comfort and ease of movement. The tall drafting chair sits higher than most conventional chairs. This makes it perfect for cashier work or hobbies that require a higher stance.

Adjustable height and seat inclination ensures that the cashier chair fits your specific needs. It also includes a back rest to help ensure good posture and added back support while you work. Adjustable features and support are what make this cashier chair perfect for anyone wanting to improve their work environment.

Smooth edges on the ergonomic drafting chair means no longer worrying about seats that dig into your skin. As a result, your body will thank you with relaxed muscles and improved circulation. This will boost your health in the long run and slow the aging process that comes naturally with stress brought on from conventional chairs. With a comfortable body, and free range of movement, the tall ergonomic drafting chair will bring productivity into your work day.

Product Details

Made of a comfortable and durable upholstery fabric: 60% polypropylene, 30% wool, 10% viscose

Abrasion resistance: 90 000 Martindale

Height and seat inclination are adjustable using the handles located under the seat

Product Specifications

Drafting chair height: 60 cm – 83 cm ( 23.62 inch – 32.68 inch )

Seat cushion depth: 25 cm ( 9.84 inch )

Seat cushion width: 45 cm ( 17.72 inch )

Backrest width: 40 cm ( 15.75 inch )

Foot ring’s diameter: 50 cm ( 19.69 inch )

Legs/base diameter: 60 cm ( 23.62 inch )

ergonomic drafting chair

Drafting chair

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